Elle Fanning Pops!

She Slays as a Singing Star in Teen Spirit

BY: Claire Connors

There’s finally a release date for Elle Fanning’s new musical drama, Teen Spirit. On April 5th, we’ll be able to see the fabulous Fanning showing off all of her voxing skills playing a young British hopeful who tries out for a local singing competition called Teen Spirit.

Directed by the handsome actor Max Minghella (Offred’s baby-daddy in A Handmaid’s Tale), the film explores the rise and fall and perhaps rise again, of Violet, a nobody from the Isle of Wight, and a graduate of the school of hard knocks. With just enough raw talent to catch the eye of her mentor Vlad, an opera singer from Croatia (Zlatko Buric), Violet starts to really blossom as a performer and becomes consumed with winning the competition. As she jumps over almost every musical and dance hurdle, getting closer and closer to her dream of being the next Britney Spears, we realize just how vulnerable the 17-year-old is.

What’s truly so amazing about the movie is that Fanning really can sing and it’s that surprise element that makes the movie so compelling. Think about it: if we had seen A Star is Born with an actress whose singing voice we weren’t familiar with or aware even existed, wouldn’t those scenes with Gaga killing it on every song have been even more astounding? Hearing the talented Fanning belt out hits like Robyns “Dancing On My Own,” makes us wonder: is Fanning a better singer than she is an actor? We’ll let you decide, after checking out the newest trailer, above.

Teen Spirit opens April 5th.