Clive Owen is Dangerous

He's a Bad Cop in the Sci-Fi Thriller, Anon

BY: Claire Connors

The phrase, if looks could kill, was never more apt than in the case of actor Clive Owen. To put it simply, the man has a dangerous face—his sexy, hooded eyes alone have the caliber of a .45. Which is, perhaps, why he’s so good at playing bad.

He first got our attention in 1997’s crime thriller, Croupier, playing a wannabe writer who becomes a professional dealer in the underground gambling world in London. His desirability only grew on us over the years. Playing the lead in that pre-Downton Abbey drama, Gosford Park (2001)—that was also developed by DA-creator Julian Fellowes—Owen melted hearts as a mysterious valet invited to a weekend of hunting at the country home of a soon-to-be murdered wealthy industrialist.

Owen finally blessed American television in 2014 with his drug-addicted character, Dr. Thackery, on the Cinemax series, The Knick. Set at the turn of the 20th Century in New York City, Owen perfectly captured the turmoil of Thackery’s twisted double life: the head surgeon at The Knickerbocker Hospital by day, and a regular visitor to the Chinatown opium dens by night.

Soon Owen will appear in Anon. Set in a Big Brother-inspired future, where everyone’s thoughts and actions are uploaded to a giant database called the Mind’s Eye, crime is almost nonexistent. Owen plays Sal Frieland, a tough police officer trying to keep the artificial peace. All hell breaks loose when a series of violent murders, seemingly connected yet unidentifiable in the database, begins. As Sal digs deep, he discovers a young hacker called The Girl (Amanda Seyfried) with no traceable footprint in the all-knowing society. Will he follow his heart and the lovely Seyfried, and leave behind this dystopian world?

You’ll have to wait until later this year when Anon is released to find out.