Soderbergh’s Unsane

A new psychological thriller with Claire Foy

BY: Claire Connors

If you couldn’t get enough of Steven Soderbergh‘s murder mystery, Mosaic, on HBO, you’ll be pleased to hear the director has another project hot on its heels. Unsane is his newest psychological thriller, starring The Crown‘s queen, Claire Foy, as Sawyer, an unstable woman convinced she’s being stalked by an obsessive bearded man played by Joshua Leonard. Leonard knows his way around scary, having appeared in the final season of the underrated mystery TV series, Bates Motel.

Things go from weird to worse when Sawyer accidentally checks herself into an asylum full of dangerously disturbed people…and those are the ones working there. The only person who seems to believe her paranoid tale is her mother, played by the too-rarely seen actor, Amy Irving. As the real world begins to melt away, Sawyer has to figure out if she is indeed insane or if the entire human race is. Knowing Soderbergh, we may never come to a finite conclusion but it’ll be a fascinating ride getting there.

Soderbergh, who is often the director of photography on his films under the name Peter Andrews, is in charge of the cinematography for this one as well. The only difference? He shot the entire movie on an iPhone in 4K. It was such a fantastic experiment, the director says he hopes to shoot all of his future films on his phone. “This is a game changer for me,” he told Indiewire. “It’s potentially one of the most liberating experiences I’ve ever had as a filmmaker.”

That’s saying a lot considering Soderbergh is one of the most iconoclastic directors in the biz.

Unsane opens March 23rd.