Bradley Cooper Directs

He Revitalizes A Star is Born with Lady Gaga

BY: Claire Connors

On the heels of the crazy good reviews for A Star is Born coming out the Venice Film Festival where it debuted, we can’t help but get our hopes up for this fourth remake of the classic 1937 film. Under the direction of actor Bradley Cooper, his first foray behind the camera, there was understandable reluctance to embrace the worldweary trope: big drunk rock star meets unknown singer with untapped talent and as they fall in love, she soon eclipses his career, a shift his ego can’t handle. But with singer/songwriter extraordinaire, Lady Gaga née Stephani Germanotta, as Ally, a sweet, small-town girl with zero confidence but a ton of talent, this romantic drama is clearly heading toward the finish line in the race for the Oscars this year.

This won’t be the handsome Cooper’s first time at that rodeo. He’s been nominated for three acting Academy Awards, for Silver Linings Playbook (2012), American Hustle (2013), and American Sniper (2014). And he was the leading man in the hugely popular male-centric Hangover trilogy, and has a recurring role as Rocket the smartass raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers movies.

As talented as he in on-camera, the actor says he’s always wanted to direct, ever since he was a kid, and knew that this tragic tale would be his first to helm. “The broken love story kept haunting me. Shots kept coming into my head. I would dream about it. I realized I had to [direct it], whether it fails or not,” he shared with “I knew I had to try, and I wound up absolutely loving it. You can’t hide when you sing. The best way to express love is through singing and music. I knew if I could marry that in a way, it would be special.” As for the actual singing, Cooper does all of his vocals live–that’s right, live—alongside Gaga, something she insisted upon from the get-go. She hates movies with lip-syncing, fake looking singing, so she told Cooper, if he helped her become a better actor, she would help him become a musician.

Apparently the gamble paid off. Despite a glitch at the screening in Venice, where a lightening bolt cut the electricity in the middle of the film, when the credits rolled at the end of the picture, Cooper and Gaga got an 8-minute standing ovation. Looks to us like two stars were born that night.

A Star is Born opens October 5th.