Berlin, I Love You

8 Stars, 10 Stories of Love & Romance

BY: Claire Connors

If you’re among the fans of those “City of Love” movies, which includes 2006’s Paris, je t’aime and 2008’s New York, I Love You, get ready for Berlin, I Love You, set in Germany’s intriguing capital.

Like the previous installments, each of the ten stories of romance are packed with many familiar faces. Look for Dianna Agron (Quinn from the musical series, Glee, who also directs a segment), Hayden Panettiere (hello, where’ve you been, Nashville star?), Mickey Rourke (props to the now strange-looking actor who can still play a romantic lead opposite a gorgeous model), and Game of Thrones’s stars Iwan Rheon (he was Reek’s torturer, Ramsey Bolton), Sibel Kekilli (she played Tyrion’s lover/whore Shae), and Sophie Turner (the still-standing Sansa Stark).

In fact, there are so many great actors in the film, we’re highlighting just a handful of the many we are most looking forward to seeing in this ensemble cast.

Berlin, I Love You opens February 8th.

Dianna Agron
Luke Wilson
Keira Knightley
Helen Mirren
Hayden Panettiere
Diego Luna
Sibel Kekilli
Iwan Rheon