Alexander Skarsgård: Hot

The Sexy Swede’s New Spy Thriller Airs on AMC

BY: Claire Connors

Big Little Lies fans can rejoice! Alexander Skarsgård, the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actor who played Nicole Kidman‘s sexy but violently dangerous husband in that Showtime series, is back on television this fall in author John le Carré‘s spy thriller The Little Drummer Girl. Set in the mid-70s, the six-part miniseries follows the story of a young British actress who is drawn into the role of a lifetime: playing a real-life double agent working for both Israel and Palestine.

Florence Pugh, so brilliant in 2016’s romantic period drama Lady Macbeth, is Charlie, an idealist actress seduced by the alluring but mysterious Becker (Skarsgård) while on vacation in Greece. Soon Becker draws Charlie into an international espionage caper, all while carrying on a torrid affair with his gorgeous mark. Michael Shannon, who was nominated for Supporting Actor in last year’s Oscar-winning Best Film The Shape of Water, is Kurtz, the puppet-master of the spy ring who keeps close tabs on his undercover agents while manipulating the outcome of his dangerous plot to bring down the Palestinian government.

Anyone who was obsessed with the last le Carré thriller on AMC, The Night Manager, will not want to miss this newest miniseries. The Little Drummer Girl debuts on November 19th.

Also up for the handsome Swede is another super sexy role in the post-WWII drama, The Aftermath. Skarsgård plays Stefan Lubert, a wealthy German widower with a troubled daughter, who is forced to share his mansion with a British officer (the ubiquitous Jason Clarke) and his unhappy wife (Keira Knightley). Passions and tempers flare as the visiting couple attempt to restore some order to the destroyed city of Hamburg while clashing with the brooding Lubert. Early word is this film is a breathtakingly romantic must-see.

The Aftermath arrives April 26, 2019.

Those who only think of Skarsgård as a dramatic actor—or a bloody hot vampire in HBO‘s True Blood—will be pleasantly surprised by his other 2019 film, Flarsky, a romantic comedy directed by the hilarious writer/director Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies, Snatched). In it, he plays Flarsky, about an out-of-work journalist who aims to woo his childhood crush and babysitter (Charlize Theron), now the most powerful woman in the world. Expect the sparks to fly between these two exceptionally attractive actors.

Flarsky hits theaters on June 7th.