The Affair’s Ruth Wilson

A New Season and New Film, The Little Stranger

BY: Claire Connors

As famous as she is in her native England on stage and screen, the lovely performer Ruth Wilson, was still a fresh face on our shores when she first appeared in Showtime‘s The Affair in 2014. The remarkable Rashomon-styled series, about a couple who meet and fall passionately in love, despite the fact that they are married to others, was so popular with viewers, it’s now in its fourth season, and it won Wilson her first Golden Globe for Best Actress.

In it, Wilson plays Alison Bailey, a waitress unhappily married to a Hamptons’ farmer named Cole (Joshua Jackson). At the beginning of the summer season, Alison catches the eye of Noah (Dominic West), a loser writer uncomfortably hitched to a wealthy heiress, Helen (Maura Tierney). So begins The Affair, which has more romantic entanglements than an episode of Sex and The City, in fact let’s just call this Sex and the Hamptons, shall we?

As the new season kicks off this week, we have even more Ruth Wilson to look forward to! Next month, her gothic horror film, The Little Stranger opens, costarring Domhnall Gleeson (Star Wars: The Last Jedi) as Dr Faraday, a country doctor who returns to the now-decrepit estate he used to visit as a child. He reunites with the gentry owner played by the always ravishing Charlotte Rampling (London Spy) and her children, Caroline (Wilson) and Roddy (Will Poulter, an actor that we are definitely keeping an eye on). As Faraday falls in love with Caroline, the ghosts of the mansion start to make mischief, transforming everyone into raging lunatics. No spoilers, but we’re pretty sure there isn’t a happy ending to this ghost story.

Next up for the talented Ms Wilson, His Dark Materials, a new fantasy TV series based on Philip Pullman‘s trilogy co-starring some of the coolest names in entertainment right now: Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton), James McAvoy (Split), and Darne Keen (the badass girl in Logan).

Wilson will also be starring in the not-so-coincidentally titled TV mini-series, Mrs. Wilson, playing, you guessed it, Mrs. Wilson. Inspired by her own grandmother’s memoir, Ruth will be playing Alison, a seemingly happily married woman whose mystery-writer husband, played by Game of Thrones hero, Iain Glen, suddenly drops dead. All hell breaks loose when another woman shows up at her door claiming to be the real Mrs. Wilson. Confused? Don’t be. We’re sure it’ll all get figured out when it airs on the BBC in the coming months.

The Little Stranger opens August 31st.