About Nicholas Hoult

We swipe right on this hot actor

BY: Claire Connors

Maybe it’s his crazy eyebrows that are a perfect mix of sinister and sexy. Or his pillowy lips which easily curl into a snarl or smile. Or is it his baby blues that can tear up one minute, then wink slyly at you the next? Whatever the reason, actor Nicholas Hoult, 26, is that glorious combination of innocent and sexy as hell, making him a lust-worthy leading man.

We first discovered Nicholas as Marcus, the very grownup 12-year-old “boy” in 2002’s comedy About A Boy. Already an extraordinary performer, he managed to steal the movie away from co-stars Hugh Grant, Toni Collette, and Rachel Weisz. As Tony, in the hugely popular British TV series, Skins, he was cast against type playing an amoral teenager who’s described as a bright and handsome sociopath who “fucks everyone…including boys.” No wonder he was one of the most popular characters on that series!

Our favorite Nicholas role was in Warm Bodies (2013), playing R, a young zombie—with scruples!— who falls in love and then kidnaps a live girl (Teresa Palmer) in order to save her, himself, and mankind. Now that’s our kind of walker.

In the trailer for his next movie, Newness, a contemporary drama about dating on Tinder, we get to watch Nicholas fall head over heels, make passionate love to his gorgeous girlfriend (Laia Costa), and then fall apart spectacularly when they both start having affairs to liven up their relationship. Helmed by Drake Doremus, who clearly likes Nicholas as much as we do, having directed him in two of his other films, Like Crazy (2011) with Felicity Jones and Equals (2015) with Kristen Stewart, the movie looks like a cautionary tale to those hoping to find love via smart phones and hookup apps. But we’re guessing if Nicholas’s sexy face popped up on Tinder, the entire world would be swiping right.

Newness opens this month.