9 Sexiest Films 2018

Red Sparrow, Fifty Shades, & More

BY: Claire Connors

Perhaps we should thank (or blame) the #metoo movement. Or maybe it really is #timesup for the old fashioned, patriarchal movie biz. Or it could be as simple as female performers refusing to be the focus of the male gaze in our cultural society, especially in film. Whatever the reason for this year’s rather tame choices in the “sexy movie” category, the pendulum has definitely swung. Of course, that didn’t stop PROVOKR from finding the hottest, most mind-blowing cinematic offerings to stir your emotions…and your other parts. Take a long, lingering gander at our picks for Sexiest Movies 2019. Enjoy.

A Star is Born

The chemistry between writer/director Bradley Cooper and the incredible Lady Gaga is what drives the tragic love story, A Star is Born. Although there is no real sex in the movie, the deeply felt emotion and attraction the two have for each other is so. damn. sexy. The music video for their duet, “Shallow” (written by Gaga and Mark Ronson) displays all of the moments the two find each other irresistible throughout this heartbreaking film. Making them completely irresistible to us, as well.

Mary Queen of Scots

Perhaps the battle between the Queens of Scotland and England doesn’t conjure up hot, sexy moments, but Josie Rourke, the director of Mary Queen of Scots, insisted that the one explicit scene in the movie—oral sex!—be from Mary’s perspective. As Rourke recently explained to Metro.co.uk, “I thought very carefully about that scene. It was to do with wanting to see the pleasure she is receiving and wanting to show that from a female gaze point of view. And Saoirse Ronan acts it brilliantly, to get what feels like an authentic female orgasm on screen? We need to see her face to do that.” Thank you, Ms Rourke for keeping it real, and real sexy.

A Simple Favor

There’s a lot tension throughout A Simple Favor‘s entire run. Whether it’s the strikingly gorgeous Emily (Blake Lively) flirting shamelessly with her new, naive friend Stephanie (Anna Kendrick), or Emily’s inappropriate make-out sesh with her husband witnessed by Stephanie, there is serious sexual tension at almost all times. But the most scandalous moment in the film is the discovery of a taboo relationship between Stephanie and her half-brother (Dustin Milligan), earning her one of Emily’s ignoble nicknames (shhh, it rhymes with motherfucker). We won’t completely spoil it for you, but it’s a shocker!

Beach Rats

Here’s a film that flips the “male-gaze” coin on its side. Directed by Eliza Hittman, Beach Rats is the female view of young men discovering their sexuality. Newcomer Harris Dickinson is Frankie, a muscly young man who spends his days hanging with his bros acting macho and cute for the girls on the boardwalk, but spends his nights in search of men and clandestine sex in hidden, dark places. It’s a sensual tale of revelations and telling your truth. There’s nothing sexier then that.

Hot Summer Nights

Despite Timothée Chalamet‘s hot streak in sexy films like Call Me By Your Name, it’s still a little disconcerting to see the pubescent-looking actor doing the dirty deed. Which is what makes Hot Summer Nights work so well! In it he plays Daniel, a teenaged boy living on Cape Cod circa 1980, who’s looking for love and trouble, not necessarily in that order. He meets the mysterious McKayla (Maika Monroe) and things get wet and wild. Our favorite scene finds Daniel and McKayla sharing a ruby red lollipop and, well, just take a look for yourself. We doubt you’ll ever look at a sucker the same again.

Red Sparrow

Any movie about a sexy spy is OK in our book and if stars Jennifer Lawrence, jackpot! Red Sparrow follows a washed up Russian ballerina who is recruited into sexy spy school to learn how to gather intelligence while fucking the brains out of counterspies. Which she does very well…until she slits their throats. This movie isn’t rocket science but seeing J-Law in jaw-dropping lingerie is a definite bonus.


The thought of lesbian sex in movies can still turn men into mush but Disobedience isn’t just about girl-on-girl lovemaking. This is about a longing for your first true love, no matter the consequences. Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams play Ronit and Esti, girlhood lovers separated by the repressive religious community in which they were raised. Reunited years later, the passion between them is more than they can bare, resulting in a spit-swapping scene so sensual, it’s almost more than we can bare. Almost.

Fifty Shades Freed

What can be said about the Fifty Shades series that hasn’t already been said? Two of the sexiest stars alive, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, are Anastasia and Christian Grey, and man, do they know their way around the S&M world! Of course, by this third installment in the trilogy, they are married and legally enjoying their painful/playful ways, so it’s a little less nasty. But not by much.

Cold War

A jazz singer (Joanna Kulig) and a filmmaker (Tomasz Kot) fall passionately in love in post WWll Poland. As the couple fall in and out…and in and out..of lust, they continue to crash into each other’s arms, rekindling their hot affair. Set to the sexy jazz music of the 50s, Cold War proves that true sexual—and romantic—attraction never dies.