100 Sexiest Movie Scenes Vol. 8

Eyes Wide Shut, The Night Porter, Bent, more


BY: Michael Perris

We don’t want to brag, but PROVOKR’s 100 Sexiest Movie Scenes Volume 8 is probably our most provocative thus far. We dug deep into the dark, steamy vault to find 10 films that are guaranteed to turn you on. But be warned: we also guarantee that you’ll have to watch this hot sex compilation more than a few times. Enjoy!

We start with the infamous orgy scene in Stanley Kubrick’s insanely weird ode to marriage, Eyes Wide Shut, starring Nicole Kidman and her then-husband, Tom Cruise as a man with a curiosity for unusual sex acts. Speaking of orgies, Bent, a WWII love story, opens with a fabulous sex scene filled with lusty Cabaret-style queers in pre-Hitler Germany, and stars the oh-so handsome Clive Owen. In Bladerunner 2049, physical relationships are complicated, but Ryan Gosling and his hot replica girlfriend Ana de Armas enlist the help of a friend for a hologram threesome.

You’ve probably heard about the crazy “window sex” that guests have at the NYC Standard Hotel. In Shame, we get to watch the scandalously indiscreet Michael Fassbinder bang Amy Hargreaves against a pane of glass. Jennifer Lawrence gets down and dirty in the spy thriller, Red Sparrow, and here she teaches a fellow classmate how to humiliate the enemy with sex. Humiliation is also a theme in the nasty drama The Paperboy, starring a very horny John Cusack and Nicole Kidman as his willing love slave. Maggie Gyllenhaal is also turned on by S&M in the shocking film, Secretary. Her boss (James Spader) enjoys disciplining her—hard!—in this classic porn fantasy scene.

Doing it in a barn haystack is equally hot, especially if it’s a romantic sex scene between Chloë Sevigny and Kristen Stewart in the true crime drama, Lizzie (about Lizzie Borden). The forever-alluring Charlotte Rampling performs a sleek, erotic striptease for her Nazi captors in the sadomasochistic thriller, The Night Porter. And finally, in the gorgeously erogenous drama, Mulholland Drive, the innocent Naomi Watts drops her inhibitions—and her drawers—for the mysterious Laura Harring.

Volume VIII

30. Eyes Wide Shut (1999) – Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise
29. Bent (1997)- Clive Owen and Lothair Bluteau
28. Blade Runner 20149 (2017) – Ana De Armas, Mackenzie Davis, and Ryan Gosling
27. Shame (2011) – Amy Hargreaves and Michael Fassbender
26. Red Sparrow (2019) – Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton
25. The Paper Boy (2012) – Nicole Kidman and John Cusak
24. Secretary (2002) – Maggie Gillenhaal and James Spader
23. Lizzie (2018) – Chloe Sevigny and Kristen Stewart
22. The Night Porter (1974) – Charlotte Rampling
21. Mulholland Drive (2001) – Namomi Watts and Laura Harring

Look for Volume 9, coming soon!