10 Hot Movies Coming 2019

Sex, Murder, Love, Drugs, and Adventure Await

BY: Claire Connors

2019 is shaping up to be a hot year for amazing movies! We’ve already given you the heads up on Jordan Peele’s next film, Us, due out March 15th, and Glass, M Knight Shyamalan’s sequel to his two previous superhero flicks, Unbroken and Split, due out January 18th. We’re also looking forward to Quentin Tarantino‘s Charles Manson epic, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood starring both Leonard DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. Here are ten more movies we cannot wait to see this year!

Captain Marvel 

Directing partners Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden helm the first female-led superhero movie in the Marvel universe. Starring the fabulous Brie Larson, best known for her Academy Award-winning role in Room (2016), the story follows Carol Danvers, a former U.S. Air Force pilot-turned superhero who joins the Kree military team, Starforce, to fight evil. Look for Samuel L. Jackson, Jude Law, and Annette Bening to co-star.
Captain Marvel opens March 8th.

Hotel Mumbai

Based on a horrible true story, Hotel Mumbai focuses on the terrorist attack at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai in 2008. Dev Patel, who broke our hearts in 2008’s Slumdog Millionaire, stars as a waiter in the hotel trying to keep the guests safe in the midst of complete chaos. Armie Hammer (Call Me By Your Name) plays a desperate husband and new father willing to do anything to save his family.
Hotel Mumbai opens March 22nd.


Any movie that reminds us of the great Penny Marshall‘s genius movie, Big, is ok in our book. Little is a magical tale about an insanely busy and bitchy boss (Regina Hall) who, after being cursed by a grumpy tween, wakes up the next morning…little…as in 12-years-old. Her assistant, played by the hilarious Issa Rae (so awesome in Insecure), has to help her now-teenaged boss navigate through junior high school. Good luck with that!
Little opens on April 12th.

Under the Silver Lake

You just know that any movie coming from David Robert Mitchell, the writer/director of 2014’s sexual horror flick, It Follows, is going to be weird and amazing! This one stars Spiderman‘s Andrew Garfield as Sam, a rambling L.A. dude who meets and becomes intrigued by the very sexy Sarah (Riely Keough). When Sarah completely disappears, furniture and all, he sets out across the City of Angels in search of the mysterious woman.
Under the Silver Lake opens April 19th.


A lot of people may not know that almost half of the Golden Globe-winning drama, Bohemian Rhapsody was directed by former cute-boy alert actor Dexter Fletcher (Caravaggio). After firing original director Bryan Singer for bad behavior, producers handed over the reigns to Fletcher. We’ll get to see just how much he contributed to that film when his new, other musical, Rocketman arrives in late spring. Based on rock star Elton John‘s many personal and career successes and fails, mostly having to do with his excessive drug taking, Rocketman stars John look-a-like Taron Egerton, the spitfire star of those Kingsmen movies we secretly adore. Handpicked by John himself, Egerton also sings all of the hits we’ve grown to love.
Rocketman opens May 17th.

The Aftermath

Set in post-World War 2 Germany, The Aftermath refers to both the country and its citizens, left to pick up the pieces of their lives. Keira Knightley is a British military wife who lands in Hamburg to support her husband while he leads the command to rebuild the country. Alexander Skarsgård plays the Doctor whose home they commandeer. Soon the clandestine lovers are giving each other lots of longing looks and hiding in dark corners to steal secretive kisses. What more needs to be said?
The Aftermath opens March 15th.

It: Chapter Two

Everyone obsessed with 2017’s excellent horror flick, It, is equally obsessed with the upcoming sequel, It: Chapter Two. Mostly because the film focuses on the kids, now adults, played by Hollywood big shots like Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, and James McAvoy. The original cast is here too, mostly in flashback, and of course, the sinister (and strangely handsome) Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise, the murderous clown.
It: Chapter Two opens September 6th.

Downton Abbey 

The old gang is back again in the film version of the venerable PBS TV series, Downton Abbey. There is no plot description yet but expect some loose ends to tied up and, perhaps, some to be cut. Look for your favorite characters, including that sassy tongue-lasher Violet Crawley (Maggie Smith), the gorgeous snob Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery), the sweet scullery maid Daisy (Sophie McShera) and our favorite bad boy, Thomas Barrow (Robert James-Collier).
Downton Abbey opens Sept 20th.


Writer/director Tom Phillips, who blew everyone away with his excellent and hilarious bachelor party movie, The Hangover (2009) gets serious about comedy in his newest film, Joker. Joaquin Phoenix takes on what looks like the iconic Batman role, but in this version, he’s Arthur, an unfunny loser standup comic who goes out of his mind and becomes a psycho killer.
Joker opens October 4th.

Don’t Come Back From the Moon

Most likely put on hold after sexual misconduct accusations against its star, James Franco, this 2017 film is finally being released this summer. The drama follows the lives of a group of men in a remote desert town who begin to disappear one by one. In their wake, are their wives and children, bewildered by their husbands’ and fathers’ sudden absence. Jeffrey Wahlberg (Mark Wahlberg‘s nephew) is Mickey, the 16-year-old son of Roman (Franco) and Eva (Rashida Jones), valiantly trying to keep his family from completely falling apart.
Don’t Come Back From the Moon opens June 20th.