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Best Dressed Men of the Year

Image Above: A$AP Rocky; Cover Story Image: Harry Styles

BY: Andy Shoulders

Having superb sartorial skills takes a keen eye and refined aesthetic. A well-dressed man cannot simply throw a label on and call himself a fashion pro. For some, clothing clout comes naturally, whereas many others look to celebrities and public figures for ideas. We’ve rounded up a group of fine-fashioned fellas who we think nail the dressing game consistently, and are constant sources of inspiration on how to approach an ensemble in fresh new ways.

David Beckham: Literally no “Best Dressed Man” list would be complete or legit without including good ole Becks. This guy has been a key fashion figure for years and shows no signs of stopping. That’s nothing new. What IS new is his recent collaboration with hit TV show “Peaky Blinders” on a new clothing line. Unveiled at London Fashion Week this past weekend, the designs include staple looks from the 1920s-era show. Think granddad shirts, waistcoats, wool overcoats, and of course, the flat cap – a staple item that Beckham has rocked for years. With this powerhouse collaboration, Beckham once again proves that he’s fashion royalty.

David Beckham


Colman Domingo: One of the more under-the-radar names on this list, but no less deserving of a spot. A leading man on AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead,” Coleman has been killing it on the red carpet recently as he makes the rounds for his new movie “If Beale Street Could Talk.” He’s deft at mixing hard and soft, like he recently did with a structured military jacket and floral shirt on his Instagram page. Think a little Balmain with a little whimsy thrown in (not to mention a killer megawatt smile), and you’ve got Domingo – a true fashion winner.

Colman Domingo


Harry Styles: Harry Styles has been making a name for himself in the fashion world for the past few years, and we’re here for it. Always the most directional (pun intended?) dresser of One Direction, Styles broke away from the coordinated boy band mold a little more quickly than his bandmates. We’d see a printed Burberry shirt there, a combat boot and skinny jeans combo there, a floral trouser here, a huge Gucci campaign there. He even ended 2013 with a British Fashion Award for his personal style, and most recently was the face of Gucci’s 2018 tailoring campaign. With a last name like Styles, Harry consistently shows that he has a fashion confidence that many of today’s leading men should take note of.

Harry Styles


A$AP Rocky: This well-dressed emcee’s love of fashion was obvious from the moment he found fame in 2013. His early hit “Fashion Killa” managed to name-check and rhyme every brand from Prada and Escada to Alexander Wang and Helmut Lang. His once Americana-esque style (Hilfiger sweaters, Rick Owens streetwear, etc) has morphed and evolved into a more idiosyncratic sensibility, with choices favoring bolder colors and more daring silhouettes. Keep your eye on A$AP Rocky. He always continues to surprise us with his fashion choices, and he does it well.

A$AP Rocky
A$AP Rocky


Timothee Chalamet: One of the natural byproducts of a young actor being thrust suddenly into the spotlight nowadays is that the fashion world fawns over them. When it comes time to suit up for awards ceremonies or other high-profile events, the fashion elite clamors to forge relationships with this next generation of young talent. Chalamet is definitely one of these figures that labels have been eager to get their hands on ever since he charmed our pants off in “Call Me By Your Name” and “Lady Bird.” He has yet to become a campaign boy (it’ll happen, mark my words), but he’s already delivered some amazing red carpet looks thanks to a loyal link-up with menswear master Haider Ackermann. Timothee Chalamet is one to watch for his fashion chops just as much as his acting chops due to one word: growth.

Timothee Chalamet


Donald Glover: Donald Glover, AKA Childish Gambino, has certainly cemented himself a red carpet style stalwart. His 1970s funk image was fully realized at the 2017 Golden Globes, when he wore a brown velvet suit and chunky bordeaux bowtie among a sea of all-too-familiar black tuxedos. He’s also managed to make the Hawaiian shirt, one of his staple wardrobe pieces, fashionable and cool again (GASP). It goes without saying that Childish Gambino is a stellar artist, but when it comes to fashion, Donald Glover is doing it in a way that no one else is. Yes, the Seventies, Nineties, and even the Noughties have been major trends on the catwalks in recent years, but it’s rare that you see one person replicating the eras as well or as much as Donald Glover. From retro suiting options to trucker hats we thought had been left in 2003, Glover is able to make pieces from yesteryear cool again, without really making any effort.

Donald Glover


Lakeith Stanfield: He may not be the most famous name on this list, but his fashion sense is already becoming the stuff of legend. He has appeared on red carpets wearing a balaclava, a giant crazy wig, a chainmail shirt with extra long sleeves, and a rainbow-colored women’s suit just to name a few. “Independent” is putting it mildly when it comes to Stanfield’s fashion choices. From bold patterns to old-school cool, Stanfield always keeps us guessing, but not in a “predictably unpredictable” way. As he said himself, “I’m not special, I just express myself. I think if more people did that, we would see how beautiful we call can be.”

Lakeith Stanfield


Sam Rockwell: Sam Rockwell snags a place on this list due to the so-off-kilter-it-actually-works nature of his style. While promoting his latest film, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” Rockwell sported looks that, on paper, are better left in the 70s: purple tropical shirt/black suit combo, silk pajama top under a heavy shearling coat, plaid suit with an extra heavy break (think literal puddles of fabric around the ankles). However, on Rockwell, all of this WORKS. His off-kilter personality and confident ownership of his uniqueness are just as important for pulling off a look as anything an accomplished stylist might pull – quite a useful lesson for guys on AND off the red carpet.

Sam Rockwell


Joel Edgerton: Joel Edgerton is easily one of Hollywood’s most debonair men. He’s flashy without being tacky. He’s put together without being stiff. He can rock a thick beard or go clean-shaven and still make a red carpet statement either way. His mastery of the three-piece suit is a skill that should be taught in schools. It’s tough to pull them off without looking vanilla and, well, douche-y. Edgerton effortlessly pairs herringbone or houndstooth fabrics with vests and knit cardigans of striking contrast to give the three-piece look a much-needed pop. He also effortlessy pulls off another area of male fashion fear: the turtleneck. Take a note from Edgerton’s fashion file for a crash course on 70s cool.

Joel Edgerton


Idris Elba: Who better to close out the list than People Magazine’s current sexiest man alive: Idris Elba. He embodies that certain something that every woman wants and every man wants to emulate. Elba is all about non-fuss & comfort, and his fashion choices prove that as long you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, it’s easy to rock any look with confidence. He even has a new collection out with British retailer Superdry – a collection known for its emphasis on comfort and good fit. Elba sees nothing wrong with being a fashionable man and believes that the future of men’s fashion is allowing men to really find their personal style.

Idris Elba