Top 10 Sexiest Models – 2017

PROVOKR Picks Our Favorite Men & Women

Jeremy Meeks 2017

BY: Claire Connors

You’d think it would be easy to chose the sexiest models of 2017. It’s not. But it is fun! There are hundreds of perfectly chiseled men and women who earn their living from their looks. But looks alone are not what make a model famous. It’s the X-factor. The way a camera captures them, how they walk down the runway, wear the clothes, and thrive under the scrutiny of fashion designers and magazine editors. We’ve scoured the catwalks, the ad campaigns, and the editorial pages to find the top ten models for the PROVOKR list of the best—and the sexiest—of that special elite group of men and women to turn you on.

Look for the official winner of the Sexiest Model 2017 in the PROVOKR Awards, coming the first week in January 2018.

In the meantime, enjoy the view.

Gigi Hadid Vanity Fair Magazine, September 2015 Photo of her holding her boobs
Gigi Hadid


Photograph of Model Andre Hamman shirtless on the beach, June 2016
Andre Hamman


Sexy Photography of Victoria Secret Model Adriana Lima
Adriana Lima


Sexiest Male Model Rob Evans Shirtless in a Boxing Pose
Rob Evans


Sexy Photograph of Model Hayley Baldwin in Maxim Magazine
Hayley Baldwin


Sexiest Male Model David Gundy in Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense Fragrance Press Photos
David Gundy


Sexiest Model Emily Ratajowski Nude
Emily Ratajowski


The Hottest Felon Ever, Jeremy Meeks, Phillipp Plein Runway
Jeremy Meeks


Smoking Hot Photograph of Sexiest Model Stella Maxwell, Kristen Stewart's Girlfriend
Stella Maxwell


Instagram Sensation and Sexiest Male Model Mathew Nozka wearing a bathing suit standing in the ocean
Mathew Nozka