The White-T, simply sexy

Hollywood's hottest show us how it's worn

Landing Page Image: Robert Pattinson; Header Image: Selena Gomez


What is it about a simple, white t-shirt that turns the average Joe (or Selena Gomez or Robert Pattinson) into a simmering sex object?

Is it the color, bright and bleached, that looks fetching on every skin tone? Or the fabric, a soft, touchable material that begs for close, human contact, by both its owner and its admirer? Maybe it’s the fit, skin-tight and clinging to every curve of the body in the most provocative way?

Could it be its shreadability—don’t get us started on how seductive a ripped t-shirt looks hanging off a hot body. Or is it best in its most famous state…wet? Millions of contests have been won by women with amble breasts and men with muscular torsos peaking through a soaked white-t.

It’s undeniably erotic and perhaps one of the most revered and photographed fashion pieces in the last 100 years. In fact, the White T-shirt will be featured in an exhibition beginning in October at the Museum of Modern Art entitled, Items: Is Fashion Modern?, exploring 111 articles of clothing and accessories that have influenced our world in the 20th and 21st centuries.

To celebrate it’s still powerful effect on the viewer, here are sixteen images of some of Hollywood’s coolest rebels (with a cause) donning the classic top. From Marlon Brando to Madonna, from Justin Bieber to Emilia Clarke, all are stunning. And we think the white shirt suits them…to a tee.

Marlon Brando Wearing a Classic White T-Shirt

Marlon Brando

kristen Stewart Wearing a Classic White T-Shirt

Kristen Stewart

nick jonas wearing a classic white t-shirt

Nick Jonas

Julia Roberts Wearing a Classic White T-Shot shot by Herb Ritts

Julia Roberts

Grey's Anatomy Actor Jesse Williams Wearing a Classic White T-Shirt
Jesse Williams

brad pitt wearing a classic white t-shirt

Brad Pitt

Taylor Lautner looking sexy in a wet white t-shirt

Taylor Lautner

madonna licking a lolly- pop


johnny depp wearing a fedora and classic white t-shirt
Johnny Depp

Michael B Jordan Wearing a Classic White T-Shirt

Michael B. Jordan

kate moss wearing a tiara and white t-shirt bra-less

Kate Moss

rob pattinson wearing a classic white t-shirt

Robert Pattinson

chris hemsworth looking sexy wearing a classic white t-shirt

Chris Hemsworth

Game of thrones Daenerys' Emilia Clarke looking sexy wearing a white t-shirt

Emilia Clarke

justin bieber in profile and wearing a classic white t-shirt

Justin Bieber