The Frontmen of Fashion

Stylish Singers Who Scream "I'm in the Band"

BY: Amber Rodriguez

Mick jagger fashion frontman rolling stones
Mick Jagger, Rolling Stones


Mick Jagger

The rock and style god of all frontman, Mick Jagger is the gold standard of all things cool. With moves like Jagger and fashion sensibility he is the measure that all frontmen compare themselves too.

In the height of Mick Jagger’s popularity he created an androgynous persona filled with long scarves, tight pants, satin fabrics, flowing blouses, and substantial makeup. As the band evolved the 75 year old signature style included precision tailored suits with narrow hips, a dash of flamboyance, and a big set of lips.

Mick’s Style Essentials: Tailored suits, skinny jeans, animal prints, satin, vibrant prints, open front shirts, long scarves


Pharrell Williams N.E.R.D. fashion frontman
Pharrell Williams, N.E.R.D.


Pharrell Williams

This Happy producer and N.E.R.D. frontman made nerd chic cool. At 5’8 Pharrell William packs a punch with his style that draws from different genres including R & B, punk, skater, and preppy. A fan of Chanel and Thom Browne, Mr. Williams is known to mix cropped pants with suits and shorts along with vibrant printed tops. He accessorizes with his signature Vivienne Westwood campaign hat, layered necklaces, and rings. Whether it’s an Adidas tracksuit or walking the runway at Chanel’s Pre-Fall ’19 show as the pharaoh, Pharrell Williams is guaranteed to be the freshest lead singer in the room.

Pharrell’s Style Essential: Slim-fit suit with cropped pants or shorts, vintage tees, colorful skater sneakers, long necklaces, track suits, signature hats


Justin Timberlake NSYNC fashion frontmen
Justin Timberlake, ‘NSYNC


Justin Timberlake

This stylish dad single handily brought Sexy Back. In a tux or lumberjack plaids he exudes confidence. For evening, Mr. Timberlake favorite looks include a classic, tuxedo or a blazer with a top button collared shirt sans tie. For casual setting he can be seen with his BFF Jimmy Fallon in camo cargo shorts, printed tees, shearling jackets, and a pork pie pork hat.

Justin’s Style Essentials: Three piece suits, classic white tuxedo, camo blazer,  top button collared shirts with no tie, designer jeans, dance-worthy leather shoes


Alex Turner Arctic Monkeys fashion frontmen
Alex Turner, Arctic Monkeys


Alex Turner

Alex Turner fuses American rockabilly style with British rock star glamour. Drawing inspiration from Johnny Cash, James Dean, and Elvis Costello he sports a pomander, western lapel, and skinny tie. Looking like a young Allen Ginsberg he brings in modern elements into classic styles. Mr. Turner creates the perfect blend of the artists from the 60’s in the UK and USA with current trends.

Alex’s Style Essentials: pompadour hair, black fitted suits, skinny ties, western detail, printed shirts, wingtip shoes


harry Styles one direction gucci fashion frontmen
Harry Styles, One Direction


Harry Styles

Harry Styles lives up to his name as the stand out fashion presence in One Direction. While the others in the boy bad coordinated colors, Mr. Styles has never been afraid to be an individual and make his own statement. This British rocker, with his long floppy hair, is a fan of mixing prints whether it is floral or tartan with other mixed matched prints. Tapped by Gucci for their fall 2018 campaign, Mr. Styles signature style is a combination of Savile Row tailoring with your granny’s favorite wallpaper prints.

Harry’s Style Essentials: Floppy hair, florals, textured suits, patterned shirts, skinny jeans, layered rings


Brandon Flowers the Killers fashion frontmen
Brandon Flowers, The Killers


Brandon Flowers

Born in Las Vegas, Brandon Flowers brings showmanship to his fashion game. Whether it’s a white tee, jeans and a leather jacket or a sequin blazer with a tuxedo pant, Mr. Flowers is the epitome of hipster cool. He’s been quoted saying his favorite designers are Hedi Slimane and Saint Laurent where tailoring is key. From prints to classic neutrals Mr. Flowers knows how to interpret style in an all-American way.

Brandon’s Style Essentials: printed short sleeve shirt, suspenders, distressed jeans, moto jacket, bold blazer, hipster cool


Andre 3000 Outkast fashion frontmen
Andre 3000, Outkast


Andre 3000

He’s so fresh, he’s so clean and he brought Atlanta fashion to the forefront. Mr. Benjamin’s fashion style is in a world of his own. This dapper don draws inspired from rock legends including Sly and the Family Stone, Jimmy Hendrix, Elton John, and Slick Rick. The key to Mr. Benjamin’s style is mixing esthetics. He pairs a blond wig with high waisted pants. He accentuates concert tees with a fez hat and he was the inspiration for the Lakeith Stanfield look in Get Out. Whatevehe wears, he is the staple for trendsetting fashion.

Andre’s Style Essentials: Gingham shirt, boater hat, fur accents, out-of-this-world accessories, cuffed jeans, suspenders, unexpected elements