Nats Getty Strikes Oil!

Fashion's new rebel designer stakes her claim

All Photos Courtesy of Nats Getty/Strike Oil!

BY: Andy Shoulders

Nats Getty is a complete and utter badass, a rebel who has provocative instincts, incredible talent, and taste.

Nats Getty Wearing a Fedora, Her Own Spray Painted Jacket and Carrying a Bag Spray Painted with the word REALLY


She’s a designer. She’s an artist.  She’s an activist. There’s really not much this girl can’t do. Already having come from a well-known family (yes, the oil Getty’s), Nats made a name for herself as a strong LGBTQ advocate, having worked closely with GLAAD and the Los Angeles LGBTQ center. The self-described tomboy also has launched her own fashion company, Strike Oil! (a wink to the family biz), which specializes in producing one-of-a-kind leather jackets as well as a complete line of streetwear.  We spoke exclusively with Getty about Strike Oil!, her inspiration behind the designs, and her overall vision.


Nats Getty Wearing a Getty Baseball Cap and Black Spray Painted Hoodie


PROVOKR: Who are your influences?

NATS GETTY:  My influences range from artists like Keith Haring and Mr. Brainwash, to musicians like Halsey, to designers like Raf Simons and Rick Owens. I am also influenced a lot by what is going on around me and what’s happening in the world.


Nats Getty Spray Painted Art-Spray Painted High Tops


P:  What is the benevolence commitment of Strike Oil!?

NG:  Giving back is something that has always been instilled in me. My mom is a philanthropist, and I have always had such a passion for it. I started the Strike Oil! Foundation right after I started Strike Oil! itself, and I’ve made it my mission to always include a charitable aspect in each collection and include pieces that are 100% non-profit.


Nats Getty Wearing Strike Oil Black Hoodie


P:  Are you influenced by punk icons like Richard Hell and The Sex Pistols? They too had a very rebellious approach to fashion.

NG: The Sex Pistols and that whole era of punky British fashion are actually major inspirations to me. I love the rebellion and attitude that is conveyed through what they wore and how they carried themselves.


Nats Getty Strike Oil Spray Painted Work of Art-The Coolest Jacket


P:  Where does your everyday energy and inspiration come from?

NG:  Inspiration comes from everywhere for me. Whether it’s current news on a local or global level, or a painting I see, or the way that I feel that morning when I wake up. With my work, I want to do more than just create. I want to make people think.


Nats Getty Wearing Hand Painted Pajama Set In Front of Her Red MBZ Land Cruiser


P: Have you ever thought of becoming an artist? You seem to be driven by the same creative process as a painter when you are doing your unique pieces.

NG:  I never used to consider myself an artist until recently. I spend half my time now designing for Strike Oil! and the other half painting, and I love it. I started just painting on jackets, but now I have evolved to large-scale pieces.


Nats Getty Spray Painted Art


P:  Are you going in that direction in the future, or is fashion your true love?

NG:  My first love is definitely fashion, but I have found my own way to integrate art into fashion and fashion into art. Strike Oil! is my way of expressing the artist in me and putting it out into the streets and onto people. It’s a way for my artistic message to be spread on a larger scale, and then my actual art pieces are a more intimate look into me as a person.


Nats Getty Strike Oil Spray Painted Leather Jackets


We’ll catch up with Nats and the world of Strike Oil! again soon. It’s a fast-moving carousel of disruptive color and awe-inspiring attitude, and we wish her a great ride.