Daring BDSM Photography in Fashion

Landing Page Image: Madonna Photograph by Steven Meisel; Header Image: Fifty Shades of Bae Photograph by Lance Gross

BY: Claire Connors

Everyone is a provocateur at heart in the business of creating images that turn us on with sex and danger. PROVOKR‘s gallery of erotic photos by the best photographers shooting the most intriguing women (and a few men) celebrates the risky, sexual edge of bondage, discipline, submission, and dominance.

Lady Gaga, Amber Heard, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and the Queen of Sex herself, Madonna, pose as both Master and Servant, tied up, tied down, and sexy as fuck.

It’s actually still shocking to see how many celebrities are willing to publicly explore the sordid, often humiliating side of the S&M fetish for the camera. Of course it doesn’t hurt when the lens-crafters are such notables as Mario Testino, Ellen von Unwerth, Araki, Steven Klein, Helmut Newton, Nicolas Guerin, Terry Richardson, and Steven Meisel. They all seductively capture the evocative tension between the lens and its Submissive Subject…or Dominatrix Diva, depending on their mood. Christian Gray has nothing on these sexual deviants.


Lady Gaga S & M Photo by Araki
Lady Gaga Photograph by Araki


The most provocative and sexy photographs of Rhianna & Kate Moss by Mario Testino
Kate Moss & Rihanna Photograph by Mario Testino


Provocative and sexy photograph of model amber heard shot by ellen von unwerth
Amber Heard Photograph by Ellen von Unwerth


Helmut Lang photograph of two models shot from behind wearing sexy black stockings
Photograph by Helmut Newton


Madonna and Katy Perry S & M Photo Series by Steven Klein
Madonna and Katy Perry Photograph by Steven Klein


Alexander McQueen S & M Model Image
Veiled Dominatrix Model-Alexander McQueen


Rebel Heart Album Cover Image of Madonna
Madonna Cover Image for Album Rebel Heart


Photograph of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Selita Banks As a Dominatrix
Model Selita Ebanks-Dominatrix


S & M Photograph of a Fashion Model with Noose Around Her Neck by Nicolas Guerin
Photograph by Nicolas Guerin


Photograph of Lady Gaga naked and bound by rope wearing black stilettos by Araki
Lady Gaga Photograph by Araki


Sexy S& M Photo Series of Katy Perry and Madonna by Steven Klein
Katy Perry & Madonna Photograph by Steven Klein


One of the Sexiest S & M photos of Cameron Diaz by Terry Richardson
Cameron Diaz Photograph by Terry Richardson


sexy photograph of amber heard revealing her volupultous bosoms shot by ellen von un werth
Amber Heard Photograph by Ellen von Unwerth


Nicolas Guerin S & M Photograph Series for Schon Magazine
Nicolas Guerin for Schon Magazine


Sexiest S & M photograph of Rhianna by Ellen von Unwerth
Rihanna, “Russian Roulette”, Photograph by Ellen von Unwerth


Helmut Newton and Thierry Mugler Black and White S & M Photoshoot
Thierry Mugler Photograph by Helmut Newton


Master & Slave S & M Girl on Girl
Master & Slave-Photograph by Steven Klein


Thierry Mugler Gold
Gold Barbarella-Thierry Mugler


Miley Cyrus in a sexy provocative S&M scene in a Quentin Jones Film
Miley Cyrus-Porn Festival


Fashion Model & Actress Elita Banks Phot
Selita Ebanks-Dominatrix


Heidi Slimane's Dominatrix Photograph shot for Russian Vogue
Heidi Slimane-Russian Vogue
Madonna wearing provocative S & M outfit shot by Steven Meisel
Madonna-Steven Meisel