Marc Jacobs

Dramatically dazzles the fashion world again


Marvelous Marc Jacobs, whose show served as the official finale to the season, was beautifully dramatic. He presented his collection in the Park Avenue Armory and his models paraded single file across a weathered wooden floor lit by what seemed a single beacon of white light in an absolutely dark arena. Wearing wide, flat gaucho hats or sporting sharply geometric and technicolor hair cuts, the models were cloaked in oversized coats with broad silhouettes, trousers ballooning around their legs, gargantuan bows decorating their waistline and huge overcoats hanging from their shoulders. The audience was in total darkness while colors, design and sound promenaded through our senses. Truly our favorite of the New York shows.

In recent seasons, designers have unloaded their angst and frustration on the runway. They have poured their anti-Trump exasperation into their work. Now, the state of the country was more like white noise in the background of collections, only occasionally rising to level of a drumbeat.

The political mission for Fall was to elevate the power of women with clothes that speak of confidence, professionalism and taking care of business. Needless to say, Jacobs has accomplished his task.

Cardi B ended New York Fashion Week with an entrance into the Park Avenue Armory for Marc Jacobs’ fall show. She joined Lil’ Kim, Sofia Coppola, Christina Ricci, Debbie Harry, Kehlani, Eva Herzigova, Karen Elson, Sofia Carson, Olivia Holt and Bebe Rexha for the show. Marc Jacobs was prepared to impress.

“This is my second show to see in New York — I’ve never come to see shows, ever,” Eva Herzigova conceded. “This is new, in a way. I saw Michael Kors this morning and now Marc. He’s a friend and I’m here.”

Taking in the show from the seats is still “completely different” for the model, but she noted that the show-going process in New York didn’t feel that far off from Europe. “it’s just different people,” she said.

Debbie Harry seemed to appreciate all she experienced about her Marc outing. “He surprises me — his things are just beautiful,” she said of her reasoning for coming out, her first this season.

“I have a whole new respect for fashion. I came to fashion week a couple years ago, and I feel like fashion has, each year, just taken a totally new turn. I feel like Marc Jacobs always has this eclectic, cool, effortlessly fun style and I think his shows are amazing,” she said. “I’m very grateful to be here to see what’s next for him and what’s next for everybody else, because everybody is going to be wearing it.”

Marc Jacobs Pinstripe