Lust List: Moto Jackets

The Must-Have Fall Fashion Piece

Image Above: Troye Sivan; Cover Story Image: David Beckham

BY: Andy Shoulders

When it comes to fall wardrobe staples, the leather motorcycle jacket reigns supreme. It goes with literally anything in your closet (Seriously. Anything.), and it gives whatever you’re wearing in instant air of cool. Look at recent images of the fashion elite, and you’ll see that moto jackets are increasingly becoming their universal hero piece of choice.

The world got its first taste of this now iconic jacket back in 1928, when Irving Schott designed the first motorcycle jacket and sold it for $5.50 at the Harley Davidson store in New York, naming it after his favorite cigar: The Perfecto. The moto jacket continued to gain traction in biker (and fashion) culture, and in 1953, Marlon Brando wore one in his film The Wild One, prompting schools across the country to ban students from wearing them because they thought it promoted a rebellious youth culture. The jacket continued its tour through iconic cultural movements (think James Dean, followed by the burgeoning punk scene, etc), and eventually became the wardrobe must-have we all know and love today.

The versatility of the moto jacket is simply unparalleled. It can be dressed up or dressed down with a simple shirt or shoe change. A more cropped version tends to flatter more body types, and considering moto jackets are shorter anyway (remember, they were designed for sitting on a motorcycle), the options are endless. Even if leather isn’t your thing, several designers and brands offer vegan leather options as well. Don’t worry, the appearance won’t change. Moto jackets are structured by design, so vegan leather won’t change the overall look of the jacket.

Women have long known that throwing a moto jacket over a frilly dress is a great way to give your look an instant edge. Guys are getting in on the fun too, showing off brightly colored jackets rather than just the simple black option (I have to admit that I covet Kanye’s bright red Balmain moto. Swoon).

Whether you want to keep a tailored look with a white T-shirt and classic pant, or take the look downtown with distressed denim and boots, the leather moto jacket will always be the piece that ties the look together and gets you noticed.

Gigi Hadid Wearing a Pink Leather Motorcycle Jacket
Gigi Hadid


James Franco Wearing a Black Leather Motorcycle
James Franco


Kayne West Wearing A Red Leather Motorcycle Jacket and Chanel Sunglasses
Kayne West


Beautiful Young Model wearing a black Motorcycle Jacket and Green Bandana


Sexy Male Model With Great Hair Wearing a Black Motorcycle Jacket


Female Model Wearing a Cropped Black Leather MotorcycleJacket


Male Model Wearing a Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket and Blue Turtleneck


Annie Bing Wearing a Leather Motorcycle Jacket
Annie Bing


Male Model Wearing Rick Owens Black Motorcycle Jacket
RIc Owens


Young Female Model Wearing All Saints Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket
All Saints


the classic photograph of Marlon Brando on his motorcycle wearing the coolest motorcycle jacket and cap
Marlon Brando