Louis Vuitton Cruise 2018

East Meets West in Kyoto, Japan

BY: Claire Connors

Louis Vuitton designer Nicolas Ghesquiere is having a love affair with Japan. A frequent visitor to the Land of the Rising Sun, his east-meets-west Resort 2018 line is hugely influenced by the Asian nation. He even presented the fashion show in Kyoto, where architect I.M. Pei created the Miho Museum, a spectacular glass and iron building nestled in the Shigaraki Mountains. Nicknamed Shangri-La, the museum truly is paradise on earth, with a majestic tunnel leading to a breathtaking suspension bridge that crosses two ridges in the mountain range.

Marching along the seemingly endless runway (these androgynous girls and boys definitely got in their 10,000 steps!) to the moody Robyn song, Indestructible (The Black Madonna Remix), the models exhibit the line featuring a wild mix of Japanese influenced styling, samurai warrior-inspired clothing, and Kabuki embellishments on the clothing and bags. Even the makeup is reminiscent of Kabuki mask theater, with thick, black, drawn in eyebrows and exaggerated eyeliner.

It’s almost impossible to keep your eyes on Ghesquiere’s clothing when the models are traipsing through this beautiful setting, but look we must. The designer is making a glorious statement about art, war, nature, romance, and history with this brilliant line.