Gender Benders

BTS and Cara Delevingne Blur Gender Lines

BY: Amber Rodriguez

With millennials and Gen Z influencing the latest fashion trends gender lines have been blurred like never before. Gone are the days of gender specific pink and blue baby clothes. Today is all about comfort and non-binary dressing.

Gender blending in fashion is nothing new. In the 1960’s Yves Saint Laurent debuted his icon tuxedo suits for women. Throughout the 70s- 80s musicians from David Bowie to Annie Lennox to Prince walked the line between masculinity and femininity. In the mid-1990’s gender neutrality became a focus with the introduction of CK One and the onset of the metrosexual. Today with the popularity of shows like Queer Eye and RuPaul Drag Race, non-conforming dressing is embedded in the mainstream.

The fashion industry has responded by having the most diverse Spring/ Summer 2019 fashion week ever with 92 shows featuring size-inclusive, trans, and various gender identifying models. Womenswear covered up in oversized clothing and suiting in the post-#MeToo movement while menswear featured feminine blouses and skirts. In accessories fanny pack and brogue shoes for both sexes were heavily featured on the runway. Also major retailers such as H&M, Zara, and ASOS have picked up on this trend by premiering gender-inclusive lines.

The shift to gender fluidity is on the rise and is seen in the mainstream media and celebrities. One of the biggest examples is the worldwide K-Pop sensation BTS who has brought focus to the unisex lifestyle by not only conveying gender neutrality but dressing in an androgynous style with lose clothing, close cropped hair and feminine makeup. Fashion icons like Tilda Swindon and Jared Leto have been exploring the line of feminine and masculine for decades. Most recently Ruby Rose from Orange is the New Black has expressed her personal style while Jaden Smith has been seen in skirts not only on the street but also in the latest Louis Vuitton ad campaign. And Cara Delevingne, the poster person for the gender fluid style, was the hit of Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding when she showed up in a top hat and tails.

Whether it’s making a political statement or general “wokeness” the gender shift in fashion isn’t specific to the LGBTQ community. It’s about exploring the entirety of oneself through fashion.


Tilda Swinton in Bong Joon-ho
Tilda Swinton in Bong Joon-ho for “Okja”


Jaden smith on water pipe
Jaden Smith


Celine in black suit with skinny black tie
Celine Spring 2019


Gucci fashion purple top red necklace plaid pants white hat
Gucci Spring 2019


Cara Delevingne sitting on floor in plaid and fishnet
Cara Delevingne in Glamour Magazine


Telfar walking in denim suits
Telfar Spring 2019


Ruby Rose white mens shirt tattoos sunglasses
Ruby Rose


Jarod Leto in Gucci floral suit
Jarod Leto in Gucci


BTS on floor in front of bed