Flirty Fashion Fishnets

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BY: Amber Rodriguez

Winter is coming but you may not be ready to cover up completely. You can find one of the best solutions is the biggest trends of the season- fishnet tights. With an open weave, diamond knit fishnets not only show the right amount of skin but can elevate a casual or evening look.

Fishnets emerged into the world of fashion at the Parisian Moulin Rouge where dancers performed the seductive can-can in the late 1800’s. Throughout the 1920’s the age of Gatsby and flappers, fishnets were the go-to accessory to entice men while doing the Charleston. But it wasn’t until the 1970’s that they made a comeback with the punk rock. From Debbie Harry to Joan Jett the deconstruction of fashion and all things anti-establishment came in form of worn, ripped fishnet stockings from these hard rocking ladies. The trend resurfaced again in the 1990’s as grunge come to the forefront with lead singers like Courtney Love and Shirley Manson and pop icons like in Madonna’s 1992 kink Sex book. Today fishnet tights are frequently worn by A-listers like Beyonce, JLo, and even Serena Williams performing at the US Open. The pattern is slimming and elongates the legs in a very suggestive way.

But fishnets stockings aren’t just for celebrities and rockers. With today’s styles they can be worn day or night. For a casual look, fishnets can be paired with micro shorts, peek-a-boo ripped jeans, and even above the waistline to give an alluring look. In the office the sexy secretary is always in fashion but fishnets can also be coupled with chunky knits and short skirts to give a balanced look. And for evening along with the little black dress fishnets can be worn with silk dresses for a feminine look or black booties for something a little sexier.

This season designers such as Tom Ford, Alexander Wang and New York’s newcomer Area featured fishnets in color, mixed textures, and bejeweled. The open diamond mesh can also be seen throughout fashion in nail art, bodysuits, and even footwear. Frequently in classic black, fishnets can be sexiest in nudes and browns.

Whether it’s fashion, function or fetish, fishnets will keep you stylish while giving you a fleshy edge.

Fishnet pump shoe two dogs

Fishnet lingerie

Fishnet stockings and fur


Fishnet on fishnet

Fishnet and leather runway

Fishnet stockings

Fishnet lips