Fit To Be (Bow) Tied

Sexy Tuxedos That Will Turn Heads

BY: Amber Rodriguez

The words holiday party can bring fear to many people but however you celebrate it always boils down to one question, “What am I going to wear?”. A sexy, stylish solution to this predicament is a tuxedo jacket. Not just for men, a well-tailored tuxedo can upgrade a look while being effortless. Whether you’re aiming for classic or sultry, a tuxedo jacket can elongate your frame and be the perfect alternative to the little black dress.

The tuxedo jacket came into the height of popularity in 1966 when Yves Saint Laurent introduced his single-breasted Le Smoking Suit. Shocking to some it was banned from Parisian restaurants until it was worn by actress Catherine Denueve and later photographed by Helmut Newton. Since then YSL has made the iconic suit in the same black grain de poudre wool as well as different variations. Today it can still be seen on celebrities and the big screen worldwide.

While tailoring is important for the perfect suit there are other ways you can personalize a tuxedo jacket to make it your own. A classic black or white wool suit with a satin lapel can add shine to eveningwear. Whether to wear a bow-tie or not is the important question. Necks can be accentuated with a classic bow tie, undone tie which was frequented by members of the Rat Pack, open collar or ribbon bow-tie for a more feminine look. Alternatively, no tie and shirtless is also an alluring way to draw attention.

A tuxedo jacket can be paired with an array of choices to make it your own. A sophisticated option is a skinny or cropped trouser for a sleek, menswear look.  A razor or tuxedo stripe on the trouser or a skirt or short can give an extra edge. Even an oversized tuxedo jacket over a ballgown can add a boyfriend jacket feel to a more traditional dress.

Cara Delevingne was the talk of Princess Beatrice’s royal wedding when she showed up in a top hat and tails while other celebs were worried about their hemlines and fascinators. Bianca Jagger shocked the world when she married Mick Jagger in an unforgettable white tux. And today Janelle Monae signature look is a tailored tuxedo jacket with coifed hair. For the perfect “black tie” outfit choose from satin, wool, velvet or sequin to elevate your holiday game.

Yves Saint Laurent Le Smoking suit Helmut Newton tuxedo
Yves Saint Laurent Le Smoking suit photographed by Helmut Newton


Yves Saint Laurent and Catherine Deneuve Le Smoking tuxedo suit
Yves Saint Laurent and Catherine Deneuve


Kate Moss tuxedo
Kate Moss


Janelle Monae tuxedo suit
Janelle Monae


Cate Blanchett tuxedo
Cate Blanchett


Kelis Tom Ford tuxedo
Kelis in Tom Ford


Kate Bosworth Victoria Beckham tuxedo suit
Kate Bosworth in Victoria Beckham suit


Cara Delevingne top hat tails royal wedding tuxedo
Cara Delevingne in top hat and tails at the royal wedding