Eye on Madonna

Decades of Fashion Decadence

Story Cover Image: Madonna "Sex", 1992 by Steven Meisel; Image Above: Madonna “Like A Virgin”, 1984 by Steven Meisel

BY: Annie Baron and Tiffany Goldstein

Ever since the 1980s, music icon, Madonna has had a social-cultural impact on our society. The female solo artist provided the world with thoughtful lyrics, unforgettable music videos, and of course, her outrageous fashion sense that never failed to leave us in awe. While Madonna paves the way for other female musicians, the Queen of Pop is still leaving and building a legacy that goes way beyond her music career.

Throughout decades Madonna has worn several hats, from film director to children’s author. However, a fashion trendsetter is one that can’t go unnoticed. Whether it’s Madonna’s teased hair and lace ensembles from the early‘80s, her crucifix necklaces/rosaries from her 1985 “Virgin Tour,” or her true fashion moment in 1990 when she stepped onstage during her “Blond Ambition” tour wearing a sexy Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra bodysuit, Madonna has evolved with the times in order to stay on trend.

According to Billboard Magazine, the pop icon’s fashion is an evolution of what is relevant at the time. “The visuals reflect the music in a kind of seamless marriage of her point of view,” says Madonna’s stylist Arianne Phillips. Therefore, she has given us an endless supply of shocking and erotic moments that will leave you either speechless or turned on.

Madonna has never been shy about pushing boundaries when it comes to nudity. Whether the queen was exposing her breasts for the camera, posing in provocative positions, or using leathery undergarments, the singer always wanted to deliver a societal message. She even produced an iconic coffee-table book entitled “Sex,” that featured a series of racy photos of herself and a detailed viewpoint on what she wanted in bed and what others should desire.

While the sex-driven icon is known for her incredible corsets, knee-high boots, and punk-rock get-ups, Madonna had recently revealed a new and outrageous fashion statement: Gold grills. Though many female artists in Hollywood have been rocking the bling and catching people’s attention recently, Madonna had already stolen the show back at the 2014 Grammy Awards, when she slayed the red carpet with her golden chompers.

Madonna, who recently turned 60,  has mastered the art of shocking people with her fashion sense. Therefore, we have gathered the hottest and most outrageous outfit choices, which makes us want to bow down to the Queen herself.


Madonna in Gaultier Pointed Bra & Fishnets


Photograph of Madonna-Interview Magazine-2010-kissing a cross


Photograph of Madonna in the 1980's sucking a lollipop and wearing black rubber bangles


Photograph of Madonna-Dominatrix-Wearing A Mask-Holding Her Crotch and Sucking Her Middle Finger


Madonna Erotica Wearing A Mask and Holding a Whip


Photograph of Madonna Smoking A Cigarette Wearing Huge False Eyelashes


Madonna Gaultier Express Yourself Wearing a Black Suit and Holding a Monocle


photograph of madonna v magazine 2014


photograph of madonna by patrick demarchelier 1991


photograph of madonna desperately seeking susan


photograph of madonna wearing a boxing belt and thigh high laced up boots shot by Steven Klein