Out of this world

When Karl Lagerfeld launches a collection, he does it like no other. For his Chanel Fall/Winter 2017-18 show at Paris Fashion Week, he transformed the Palais Royal into a futuristic space station, complete with a two-story Chanel-branded rocket that literally launched at the show’s finale. The effect was over the top, out of this world and unquestionably Chanel.

This Chanel Fall/Winter collection delivers the iconic motifs that the label is known for, but with a futuristic edge that transforms them into something unexpected and new. There are the gorgeous Chanel tweeds, now with an edge of embellishment and silvery sparkle. The signature styles have been reinvented to blend the old and the new. The classic Chanel bag appears in metallics, silvery glitters, and even as a cool lacquered rocket.

Chanel’s models marched the runway in looks that were mod ‘60s made modern, Jackie O with a splash of Barbarella. Glittery go-go boots, gravity defying hair, major headbands and sparkly tights set the tone. The entire collection pays homage to the age of the astronaut—a look back, but to the future as well. This fashion house wants us to know that Chanel is fashion forward, but foremost it will always be a classic in luxury design.

Enjoy the full runway show for Chanel Fall/Winter 2017-18 at Paris Fashion Week, above.