ASOS: One Site Fits All

Jennifer Lawrence, Cole Sprouse, Sophie Turner

Above: Asos Photo Shoot; Cover Story Image: Sophie Turner

BY: Andy Shoulders

By now you’ve probably heard of British-based online retailer ASOS. If you haven’t, well, thank GOD you found this article. Great fit, bold prints, and how-is-this-possible pricing have all made ASOS a one-stop-shop for all things fashion and beauty.

Elle Fanning Wearing Asos Pink Shirt with White Kittens
Elle Fanning

Founded in June of 2000 in London by Nick Robertson and Quintin Griffiths, ASOS initially stood for “AsSeenOnScreen” until it was changed to simply ASOS (an homage to its former stint as an acronym) in 2003. The company quickly saw profits start to double as early as 2004, when it developed its own women’s clothing line. Following a slight dip in 2008 due to a failed attempt at a kid’s line (among an already super-saturated market), it was back to full speed ahead in 2010, with the opening of three international online shops in France, Germany, and the U.S. ASOS Russia and China soon followed in 2013, and just two years later, ASOS became the U.K.’s largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer.

That’s pretty damn impressive.

jamie dorman wearing an Asos bomber jacket
Jamie Dorman

ASOS has brilliantly and seamlessly kept up with its core consumer base: young adults. They seized on the benefits of social media relatively early in the game – 10% of ASOS’s sales were being generated by online marketing as early as 2008. Two years ago, the company seized on the Instagram story phenomenon and encouraged shoppers to post stories featuring their purchases. Over 3 million users interacted with the video, with the hashtag #AsSeenOnMe spreading word of the brand exponentially. By March of 2018, the ASOS mobile app had been downloaded over 10 million times. Mic drop.

shailene-woodley-in-round-shades-and asos red lace and white striped short-sleeve-top
Shailene Woodley

ASOS has taken off with such fervor because there really is something for EVERYONE. Moreover, ASOS has also tapped into a burgeoning new customer base: the man who wants to have fun with his fashion choices. I’m not just saying they cater to the “well-dressed man.” Lots of fashion e-tailers do that. ASOS is different because of the vast array of silhouettes, colors/bold patterns, and size ranges available to the male shopper. More than 30 (yes, T-H-I-R-T-Y) sizes are available, split between categories of regular, tall, and plus. This allows the “fashion-is-fun” man of ALL body types to be able to really have fun looking for just the right piece. Of course, all of this is true for the ladies as well. I’m just happy that ASOS gives us guys clothes that are a little bolder than normal, too.

J Hus

And no self-respecting ASOS conversation would be worthwhile without talking about those damn prices. How is this stuff so inexpensive? And before you all even START, yes the answers can be found in fabric choices, construction, etc. However, ASOS pieces are so fun and fit so well, that the more laser-focused concerns become something of a non-issue. We all know why we’re going to ASOS: to find something we can afford that will make us stand out and feel like a MILLION BUCKS. We aren’t going to ASOS for an ostrich skin jacket. Know this, though: I can’t tell you guys how many times I’ve worn ASOS pieces and been asked if they came from a designer clothing store. Hand to God.

jennifer-lawrence-light-blue-short-sleeve-shirt-cutoff-lighte blue-bear-pendant-necklace-asos-photoshoot-2011
Jennifer Lawrence

Even celebs and the fashion elite have gotten in on the ASOS fun. Last year, the company benefited from what’s now referred to as “the Meghan effect.” The new Duchess of Sussex herself, Meghan Markle, wore the “wiggle dress” from ASOS’s maternity line, which increased its sales by over 100 percent. Other celebrities from Gabrielle Union to Taylor Swift, Michael B. Jordan to Kourtney Kardashian, have all rocked ASOS’s funky and versatile pieces.

Cole Sprouse

Take a trip through the world of ASOS. I’ve always been a staunch supporter of brick & mortar shopping, and still am, but ASOS really changed the way I shop. It’s not daunting or overwhelming shopping for a certain function or event anymore because I know ASOS will have something for me. Even if the item comes, and I end up hating it, I didn’t exactly break my bank making that sacrifice. With so many things to choose from in any fashion category you could think of, there really is no reason for NOT checking ASOS out.

Lily Collins Wearing Asos Jacket Printed with Love and Other Words
Lily Collins

It just fits.

lili-rheinhart-wearing-asos-green-sweater-with-white-strpes and -small-red-and- green-diamond-pattern
Lili Rheinart