Adwoa Aboah

Activist First, Fashionista Second


Sometimes people rise up from the ashes and begin beautiful new lives. Sometimes they do not. They die or live troubled, nightmarish existences. Miraculously, people can come to life again, either from trauma, mental illness and/or addictions. We can see them begin to care for themselves and the world around them and bloom. It is said that by caring for other people’s struggles you strengthen your own spiritual path. Only a few really make this part of their life. Adwoa Aboah has risen magnificently. And her path is inspiring.

She is sober now and dealing with her depression. Her path has brought her to create GurlsTalk, a website which helps women to talk about addiction, sexuality, mental health, and their bodies. She has provided a platform to make women feel safe to talk about the challenges in their lives. She produces videos and makes appearances to help other women. Overcoming her own shyness, she was bullied as a kid, she bravely stands up and shares her story and is there to listen. Empowering to the max!

A top model and actress in her spare time, her activism comes first. She is currently the face of Marc Jacobs beauty, a Revlon ambassador, and does a tremendous amount of fashion editorial. She is a force to be reckoned with on the runway and happily now off the runway.

Check out and talk to Adwoa! She is listening.