Adidas rules the world

And the runway with these designer collabs

BY: Claire Connors

Run-D.M.C. loved their black striped, shell-toe Adidas sneakers so much, they wrote a song about them called, “My Adidas.” And the hip-hop sneaker culture was born.

They may have been the first group to sing an ode to their shoes but ever since that 1986 hit, the athletic-wear brand has been collaborating with musicians like Kanye West, Rita Ora, and Pharrell Williams to design their own shoe and fashion lines, making tons of moola to boot.

Not to be left in the dust, designers like Alexander Wang and Stella McCartney are working with the company, creating fierce fashion lines around the iconic name. And the fashionistas are buying everything they sell—hook, line, and kickers.

Here we look at the best designers who have taken Adidas athleisure wear to new, soaring heights, from Jeremy Scott to Y-3’s Yoji Yomomoto to Rick Owens.

Oh, and because of their song, Run-D.M.C. smartly snagged a million dollar endorsement deal with Adidas, the first of its kind. As their lyrics prophetically stated 30 years ago: “We make a good team my Adidas and me.” Check out their video below, along with the more current designer collabs including Alexander Wang (above) and Rick Owens and Y-3, below.