Poet Segovia Amil

Fresh poems, portraits and a beautiful video


Always looking for a fresh face or a new voice, PROVOKR has found both with the poet Segovia Amil, whose macabre words and dark Victorian portraits are pleasing to both the eyes and the mind. Her poetry has been featured in local art magazines such as Dirge, Nakid magazine, Dream Factory and deVour magazine, and thousands follow her beautiful portraits on Instagram. She lives in Venice, California. Below is just a sampling of some of her poems and pictures.



That which is wild moves to its own law
always changing, always hot, cheating death.
I learned early I was a cold girl—nothing more,
unyielding, fixed—unreachable, unchangeable.
A being like me, wilts in the sun–
leave me in my winter,
here I am powerful.




The Wound

Each time I love (no matter who
or what it is) fiercely, readily,
it is a wound I open—
like a hole
dug by the animal in me:
I let that which I love
crawl inside.

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I am afraid it is my heart
It contains so much of you,
still, it bears so much of our past,
it digs for you, burlesques with the end—
it seeks the burial