How to Murder your Life

Cat Marnell's daring, drug-addled memoir

Words page: @cat_marnell/instagram

BY: Liz MacDonald

Cat Marnell is clean now…except for the Adderall, sedatives as needed, the occasional upper, maybe a drink now and then and the sleeping pills at night. She looks gorgeous considering her wild past. There is the issue of her hair—the details are hazy, but she lost it after a bleaching mishap one drug-fueled evening. Considering her lifestyle, she got off easy. At the height of Cat Marnell’s beauty blogger career, she careened between heroin, PCP, crack cocaine, regular cocaine, Adderall and massive amounts of alcohol, among other miscellaneous narcotics and stimulants. She actually considers Courtney Love a mentor, no joke. Yet through all of it, Marnell turned out vividly honest, unapologetic and irresistibly readable columns about her misbehavior.

As she bounced from Lucky to Janexo to Vice, Cat Marnell was also riding the wave of a certain kind of Internet confessional. She was a natural at this new medium—her columns and blog posts were sometimes harrowing, sometimes hilarious and always impossible to ignore. Since then, she’s had a couple of overdose near-misses and trips to rehab, but Marnell is still going strong. Her new memoir, How to Murder Your Life, is gaining buzz as the most jaw-dropping book of the year. She dishes details on every bit of dirt, debauchery and drug-taking in her past with unflinching honesty, all delivered with her signature take-no-prisoners style of total transparency. Given Marnell’s epic habits, there’s a lot of ground to cover, but How to Murder Your Life doesn’t leave anything out. It’s available in hardcover now.