Fatale–a fiendishly good comic

You won't be able to resist this series

BY: Liz MacDonald

If Raymond Chandler, H.P. Lovecraft and Margaret Atwood ever collaborated, it would probably be a lot like Fatale. The series, created by award-winning author Ed Brubaker and artist Sean Phillips, is completely unique, a supernatural noir epic with a fascinating female point of view. Fatale‘s protagonist is Josephine, or “Jo,” the femme fatale in question, immortal since the 1930s and cursed with the power to hypnotize men into intense infatuation, whether she wants to or not. Once ensnared, Jo’s suitors pay dearly—because to love Jo is literally fatal.

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips give the story of Fatale an emotional scope and impact that owes everything to their vision for this series. Both come from the world of traditional comics, Marvel and DC Comics to be exact, but chose to treat Fatale like a novel. Ed Brubaker comments on writing about Jo, “I start with the characters. It’s just about starting a story there…I just want to tell stories that are interesting to me and that explore different sides of characters and the way people treat each other and the way life is. That’s what all writing is about, really.” And Sean Phillips draws Jo like a very real woman—Fatale takes her from the 1930s through every decade, but she never looks out of place. The result is a riveting juxtaposition of realism and fantasy that’s about the experience of infatuation and obsession more than anything else.

Fatale has received critical acclaim, won multiple awards and has been reprinted several times due to massive popularity since its initial release in 2012 to 2014. The series is now available in two oversize hardcover editions that include behind-the-scenes art, stories, sketches and layouts: Fatale: Deluxe Edition Volume 1 and Fatale: Deluxe Edition Volume 2.

You can see some of the best Fatale cover art and images here, above and below.


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