A flash-cut montage of cinematic smooches

Video: Gallery (2007), by Nicolas Provost. Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium.


In Gravity, Belgian filmmaker Nicolas Provost has cleverly edited together classic cinematic kisses with a series of interlocking strobe flashes, causing them to blend into one hypnotic extended kiss. The first and essential sequence is the climactic kiss between James Stewart and Kim Novak near the end of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. That meshes with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway in The Thomas Crown Affair; Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint in Hitchcock’s North by Northwest; Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman in Hitchcock’s Notorious; Jennifer Jones and Gregory Peck in Duel in the Sun; Kyle MacLachlan and Isabella Rossellini in David Lynch’s Blue Velvet, and more…

“The cinematic kiss is probably one of the most archetypal images to be found in film history,” says Provost. “Playing with the physiological principle of the after-image, I’ve caused dozens of kissing scenes from film classics to collide. The reassuring world of multiplied kisses is shattered by a stroboscopic effect, plunging us into the dizzying vertigo of the embrace, where love becomes a passionate battle in which monsters are finally unmasked.” PROVOKR members can watch Provost’s Gravity, above.