Grace Jones unmasked

An exposé of the mysterious glamazon


BY: Claire Connors

Grace Jones. The name alone conjures up evocative, seductive images of the striking, Jamaican-born Glamazon with gleaming white teeth and cheekbones sharp enough to “cut a bitch.”

For over thirty years, the androgynous Miss Jones has been captivating audiences with her music, art, fashion, films, and stunning photographs by such notables as Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin. A supremely cautious celebrity, Jones has managed to keep much of her private life…private. But in Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami, a new documentary premiering at the Toronto Film Festival, we finally get to meet the woman behind the curtain of mystery.

Under the careful and trusted guidance of British documentary filmmaker Sophie Fiennes, who spent over five years with her subject, Jones is exposed, raw, and real. As Fiennes recently explained to The Independent, “Grace has fiercely controlled her public image, but made the decision to unmask… The film is a deliberate present-tense experience.”

In this clip from the film, Jones is seen applying her makeup before one of her performances. “I’m going tribal,” she purrs as she strokes a brush of gold paint down the bridge of her perfect nose. The energy of this almost 70-year old phenomenon is palpable. We can’t wait to get a peek behind her façade.