Femmes Fatale

Film's bad, bad girls

Above: Sean Young in "Blade Runner" (1982). Video Page / Home Page: Nicole Kidman and Mat Dillon in "To Die For" (1995).

BY: Liz MacDonald

Carla Darko’s kickass montage, Femmes Fatale (Bad is Better) presents the best of the bad ladies from the movies—scenes from over seventy individual films, in fact. Darko has assembled an impressive lineup of feisty ladies, but not just any femme fatale made the cut. She’s noted that no clip was included unless it qualified as truly impressive and also helped the evolution of the montage to a climax. In her own words, “Here you’ll see some of the most evil, conniving women in cinema history; some pretty girls that can’t tell the difference between right and wrong; a lot of mysterious, cold ladies that have a bad smoking habit; and other dangerous creatures, not necessarily bad, but the kind of woman that can manipulate a man without him realizing.” Enjoy watching these women punch, kick, stab and connive their way through this masterful tribute, above.