Charlie Heaton heats up

The Stranger Things star romances New York

BY: Claire Connors

A man after our own hearts, actor and Stranger Things star, Charlie Heaton is a 23-year-old British actor with the artistic soul of a gritty New Yorker. A few years ago, he moved to the naked city with just a suitcase and a borrowed copy of Patti Smith’s award-winning memoir, Just Kids. Set during her own early creative self-discovery, circa 1967, Smith describes her relationship with burgeoning photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, her development as a poet, singer, and feminist, and her romance with New York City which at the time, had sunk to the depths of its murky brilliance.

Inspired by Just Kids, Heaton stars in the third act of “The PerformersGQ’s video series—costarring NYC. He lays in a massive mound of flower pedals, floats along the same streets Smith wandered, dresses in drag with other PYTs, and lies quietly on a bed writing in his journal about his own experiences. All the while speaking about the importance of losing yourself in the greatest city in the world, in order to find yourself.

Or to just say fuck it and reinvent yourself as a brand new person. In New York, anything is possible and eventually, everything will happen.