Twin Peaks Returns

Showtime's "new" show


BY: Matt Elisofon

25 years after David Lynch’s cult-classic left everyone at the edge of our seats, we finally might be getting some answers. On May 21st, the LONG awaited third season will be premiering on showtime.

Taking place once again in the titular northwestern town with all of its famed inhabitants (now 25 years older), the eighteen episode season–helmed entirely by Lynch–looks to pick up where it left off. Kind of. Maybe. We actually don’t really know. Everyone’s been kind of tight-lipped about the whole thing. One thing we do know: the tape-recorder wielding coffee swilling FBI agent Cooper will be returning. Hopefully his return will provide answers as to what really happened to him at the end of season two. But knowing Lynch, he’ll probably leave us with some questions as well.

Damn good coffee. And hot.