TV’s Hottest Hookers

Working girls we love


Trixie, Deadwood
The fairest and most foul-mouthed on this list, Trixie is the ultimate hooker with a heart of gold. Extra points for being the MVP of her brothel (Most Valuable Prostitute).


Shae, Game of Thrones
It takes a special kind of whore to make a jaded whoremonger such as Tyrion Lannister fall in love. Somehow, Shae pulls it off and the jaded royal ends up head over heels.


Maeve, Westworld
Maeve doesn’t let a little thing like being a robot stop her from being a top earner in the Westworld theme park. It just goes to show that you don’t have to be human to please humans.


Ray Drecker, Hung
While most hustlers start young, Ray, a middle-aged DILF, uses the one asset he has left (if you can’t guess, check the title again) to make ends meet. Props to Ray for his second career choice!


Christine, The Girlfriend Experience
Although most turn to hustling out of desperation, Christine, a bright young law student, does it for the thrills. Do we really need to explain why that’s hot?


Pam, True Blood
From victimized prostitute to empowered vamp, Pam has the best–and hottest–character arc on the list. Sad that she had to be attacked by a vampire for her lot in to improve but what can you do?


Inara, Firefly
Inara takes hooking to interstellar heights as the classy companions to the wealthiest and most powerful people in the galaxy.


Ros, Game of Thrones
The queen of sexposition, Ros came in handy when scenes loaded with expository dialogue needed a little extra oomph. Extra points here for literally creating a word.


Rachel, House of Cards
D.C. call-girl Rachel Posner was so hot that she (nearly) brought down a president. If only she were real.