TV's tenderest moments


Jamie & Claire, Outlander
Those who are skeptical of the “ different area code” rule of infidelity might have an easier time handling it during a different time period. Despite her marriage to another man in the 20th century, Claire has more than enough passion to spare for her new hubby.


Jon & Ygritte, Game of Thrones
An instant classic, the Romeo & Juliet of premium cable, Jon & Ygritte’s first time is so passionate that steam literally rises from their love cave.


Noah & Alison, The Affair
The romance is so intense between these two that you might forget this is actually a tawdry affair in a cheap motel.


Issa & Daniel, Insecure
Viewers had been waiting for this pair to get together since the jump, so it’s cool that when they decide to make sweet love here, there, and everywhere, they don’t disappoint.


Fiona & Steve, Shameless
Known more for frantic frenetic sex that lends credence to its title, it’s nice to see the show have a slower and sweeter scene. The pool doesn’t hurt either.