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Above: True Blood. Home Page / TV Page: The L Word.

    BY: PROVOKR Editors

    Friday, December 30, 2016

The L Word
This still wins for showing you everything you need to know about with as few words–and clothes–as possible.



This one is hot even without knowing the dude at her neck is the president!



The Americans
Since sex, love, and violence are the holy trinity of this show, it’s only right that they have a poster that incorporates all three.

THE AMERICANS - SEASON 4 - KEY ART Photo Cr: James Minchin


Gossip Girl
Decadence and debauchery and old money and young blood are wonderfully paired in this image.



Pretty Little Liars
Sex, secrets, and school. Any questions?



Project Runway
It’s terrible but in the best way.



You’re the Worst
Her bite and his smile make for a moment that’ll make you tingle.



True Blood
Forget the blood and the slip–it’s that longing in her eyes that makes this image.