All new season



Prison Break is back! Same old gang but with a new conspiracy. Taking place years later, Lincoln Burrows is back to his old trouble-making ways, T-Bag is free, and Tancredi is trying to move on from Michael with a new hubby (Mark Feuerstein). But T-Bag receives evidence of the impossible: Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) might still be alive. And he also gets a robot hand at the end of the episode (we don’t get it either).

Incensed after discovering Michael’s empty coffin, Lincoln and C-Note (who is now a devout Muslim) go to Yemen and, after escaping a gang of assassins–Tancredi has to do the same stateside–they find themselves face to face with the legendary Michael Scofield, now holed up in Yemeni prison only to be spurned: Michael denies his identity and pretends not to know his own brother. Has Michael been brainwashed (probably not)? Will T-Bag kill someone with his robot hand? There’s only one way to find out.