A preview of her moving new film



It’s nice to see something on the news about Jolie and her work. After spending so many years in the tabloids for one thing or another, it’s been easy to forget her talents as an actor, budding director, and humanitarian. Luckily, Jolie’s First They Killed My Father, an adaptation of Loung Ung’s heat-wrenching memoir chronicling his Cambodian childhood under the vicious Pol Pot regime, capitalizes on her latter two occupations.

Calling it a “love letter to the Cambodian people,” in the heartfelt teaser, it’s clear that for Jolie, this film is more than just an artistic pursuit but a way for her and her son Maddox (who was born in Cambodia) to reconnect with his native land. Maddox, Jolie reported, even helped with the script and attended production meetings to not only learn about what “[his] parents may have gone through,” but to give her film a child’s perspective. As brutal as the story promises to be, it’s nice to see Jolie back in the game. Her film, which was intended to have a cathartic effect for her and her family, couldn’t couldn’t come at a better time.