Jason Bateman Owns 2018

The Ozark Star Just Doesn't Seem To Age

BY: Zak Wojnar

If Netflix has a mascot, it might just be Jason Bateman. After all, he famously played the lead character on Arrested Development, which was the network’s original “Ace in the Hole.” Along with House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, the quirky sitcom was the third pillar Netflix’s first wave of original content. After the cult-classic TV comedy had been cancelled by Fox after three highly-rated, but little-viewed, seasons, Netflix revived the cult classic series for a new set of episodes, which debuted in 2013. A long-awaited fifth season is currently in production, due for release in 2018. Bateman’s sticking with Netflix for his other series, Ozark. After becoming a watercooler sensation with its first batch of episodes, the Breaking Bad-esque drama has been officially renewed for a second season, which will presumably arrive sometime in mid-2018.

Jason Bateman may be forty-eight years old, but he looks like a sexy thirty-something, and he’s one of the most adored actors in the biz. When he was just a kid, he starred on beloved hits like Little House on the Prairie and Silver Spoons, before graduating to teen idol status in shows like Valerie and films like Teen Wolf Too, and then he became a frequent guest star staple in many long-forgotten 90’s programs. He’s also skilled behind the camera, and has been writing and directing since he was 18 – he has the distinction of being the DGA’s youngest member ever!

His comedic timing is effortless and his delivery is dry like a martini. Even when he’s in a gripping drama like Ozark, playing a money launderer juggling a crazy family, murderers, and the mafia, he comes across as a man who is in command of his brain and his emotions.

Besides Ozark, which he created and produces and sometimes directs, he’s been starring in crowd-pleasing movies like Horrible Bosses and Office Christmas Party, and even indie darlings like Bad Words, which he also produced and directed.

Apparently, there’s nothing that Jason Bateman can’t do, and we’re better for it. Next up for the handsome actor is Game Night, about a group of friends trying to solve a murder; Significant Other, a new movie with his frequent co-star, Jennifer Aniston; and IPO Man, about a guy in need of some serious cash who decides to “go public,” and sells shares of himself on the stock market. We’d definitely invest in that offer!