Gunpowder Explodes

Kit Harington stars in this sexy historical drama

BY: Zak Wojnar

Kit Harington‘s days as John Snow may be numbered, but fans won’t have to wait long to see the hunky star of Game of Thrones on TV again. His latest project, Gunpowder, is a historical drama with a unique casting twist: Kit is playing his own distant ancestor.

Guy Fawkes is commonly credited with the legendary Gunpowder Plot, but the true mastermind of the operation, according to the show, was Robert Catesby. Harrington’s middle name is Catesby, after his direct ancestor on his mother’s side. Set in the years leading up to the failed 1605 attack on England’s Parliament, the three-part miniseries explores the relationship between Catesby and Fawkes, as well as the conditions that led them to coordinate their terrorist action.

Fans of Game of Thrones will be right at home in 17th century England, which is portrayed as a grimy and ugly place, and the series does not shy away from graphic depictions of violence and nudity. It seems no matter where he goes, poor Kit Harington always gets covered in mud. It’s a sexy look, but still, can’t someone cast him as a dainty city boy for a change?

Gunpowder has already aired in its native Europe, but it’s on its way to American shores. HBO has picked up the miniseries event and will broadcast the saga as a three-night event, starting on Monday, December 18th.