Game of Thrones Season 7

Musings & predictions


BY: Matt Elisofon

We are reaching the homestretch of HBO’s flagship saga—and we are completely in the dark. Unlike Arya last season in her showdown with the Waif, fans are not faring so well.

Since the show outpaced the books last year, it’s been a stressful time for smug book readers who waltzed through both Red and Purple Weddings with insufferable aplomb. But now all fans are in the same boat—the one right behind Dany and her fleet of eunuch warriors heading to Westeros to tear it all down.

And yet that empowering moment at the end of the season when Dany finally makes her way to her ancestral homeland is an empty one. After all, the scrum between the direwolf, lion, stags, and lions (each sigils of the rival family’s) quickly turns to ash and falls into the snow to the accompaniment of Jon Snow’s famous line, “there is only one war that matters,” before giving way to the giant blue eye of a White Walker.

Jon is talking of course about the encroaching White Walkers and their army of zombies. Then again, the foregrounding of this conflict is far from a surpise. Despite taking a backseat to all the sexy Westerosi infighting and intrigue, this snowy sideshow to the north has been highlighted as the only war that’s worth a damn. What good is the Iron Throne if it’s submerged in ice and surrounded by zombies?

So the real question now is, what does Dany do? Does she take the throne and then go north to help Jon? Does she delay her hopes of winning the throne and tackle the climate—ahem—White Walker problem first. Or does she forgo the throne altogether in order to save the world (her line in the beginning of the trailer suggests she remembers that her father was a terrible a king)? Also what about Arya? What cool albeit inconsequential shit is she going to be doing this year? Will Bran, the Professor X of Westeros do any more mind melds? Or will his psychic time-traveling wreak further havoc on everybody? Is it possible that he goes back and is able to avoid all of this heartache by, say, not causing this whole conflict to begin with? Because that would be infuriating.

In the end, all we really know is that there will probably be two major battles: one for the throne and one for the future of the mankind. Oh, and Jamie is totally killing Cersei. That is totally happening. You can watch the Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer above.