Best TV Sex of 2016

Pushing boundaries even further


Group Sex, Westworld
If you put Eyes Wide Shut in the Old West, or more specifically, an adult Old West theme park in the future, replete with golden sex robots, you’d get, well, exactly this.


Orlando Bloom and Malin Akerman, Easy
While a scene with Orlando Bloom and Malin Akerman getting it on is more than enough, a ménage à trois with their infant’s teacher catapults this moment to legendary status.


Michaela Watkins, Casual
In a show focused almost entirely around sex, this scintillating scene featuring the snarky Valerie (Michaela Watkins) going, well, gaga, during a frenetic but sweet moment with her man is one of the high points. If only we could wake up to something like this every day!


Misty and Luke, Luke Cage
Pretty much unequaled in all things physical, the superhuman and indestructible Luke finally meets his match in bed (or up against a wall) as Misty quite literally gets on top of the situation in this intense yet tender moment.    


Chase and Jo, Easy
There’s something so playful and, for lack of a better word, young about this scene that anybody, male or female, gay or straight, can relate to. We were all fumbling around on a futon once, right?


Javier and Marta Ochoa, Narcos
Pedro Pascal of GoT fame delivers hard and hectic passion from behind in this South of the Border scene with Marta Ochoa (Carlolina Acevedo).


Maeve and Hector, Westworld
When super love-bot Maeve shows Hector who’s on top, this scene quite literally bursts into flames.


Gretchen and Jimmy, You’re the Worst
Somehow, watching a climax briefly derailed by some witty banter between television’s most over-the-line couple is as funny as it is enjoyable.