Pretty Primal

5 steamy TV orgies

BY: Matt Elisofon

I, Claudius

Don’t let their staid BBC accents fool you—the two lovers from this classic ’70s series are nothing but naughty. Just look at those scratch marks!



Three women, one man and lots of wine (dumped over you) can really ease the stress of partaking in a doomed slave uprising.


Marco Polo

Not to be outdone by their Western counterparts, two-dozen men and women treat the titular explorer to some psychedelic Eastern group sex. If only every game of Marco Polo ended like this!



Although the actual sexual activity itself is standard, having five or six servants there to provide constant fanning and refreshments isn’t. Orgy or not, sex back then was always a team effort.


Game of Thrones

We could’ve devoted a whole website to the sexual exploits in GoT, but for the sake of variety, we chose one that covers the most bases: Girl-on-girl, guy-on-girl, guy-on-guy (and a partridge in a pear tree).