Lana del Rey’s Lust for Life

Love and desire in La La Land


BY: Claire Connors

In a cinematic nod to La La Land, Lana Del Rey‘s newest, visually stunning video for her single, “Lust for Life,” stars the breathtaking views of the City of Angels as seen from the vista of the HOLLYWOOD sign. Atop the H sits the strangely beautiful LDR with her romantic lead, the Weeknd, aka Abel Tesfaye. They’re just two crazy kids in love and willing to risk their lives to sing about it. Luckily there’s no tragic ending for these “star” crossed lovers, for as the song says, “A lust for life keeps us alive.”

As the two sopranos (the Weeknd hits high notes that most women can’t reach) swoon and sway to this romantic ode to passion, you can almost imagine they really are in love, and we’re right there with them during this sublime yet moody¬†tune. This is the second single and the title of LDR‘s upcoming CD, Lust for Life, due out July 21.