Kesha, our hero

"Praying" sends a message of forgiveness


BY: Claire Connors

Is there anything better than a tell-all revenge song? If Taylor Swift has anything to say about it, then, no. But how about one that forgives your oppressor, shows true compassion, and finally, offers a heartfelt wish that the tormentor finds peace? In her soulful single, “Praying,” off her newly released #1 album, Rainbow, singer Kesha takes that beautiful high road, and shows us what it looks like to absolve the bullies of the world and create a safe place for their victims.

Clearly Kesha knows of what she sings. After years of alleged emotional and physical abuse by her former producer, Dr. Luke, she took him to court, made headlines, gathered A-list supporters, and became the poster child for all of the female musicians literally and figuratively fucked over in the male-dominated music industry. And we couldn’t be more proud of her.

Not only is Kesha making her amazing music again, she’s doing it on her terms. As for Dr. Luke, we hope he’s heard her words loud and clear.

Check out this behind-the-scenes video of Kesha recording the title song from her CD, Rainbow.