Ed Sheeran

His six most irresistible videos

BY: Michael Perris and Liz MacDonald

Just when you finally got  “Shape of You” out of your head, here we are with Ed Sheeran’s very best musical moments. And of course, that single is at the top of the list. It’s an amazing song, just the latest in a series of impressive singer-songwriter hits that began with his breakout ballad “The A Team” back in 2010. Plus, who could resist that adorable face and ginger mop top? Not to mention, his voice is pure magic. For all our fellow Sheerios out there, we’ve collected our favorite Ed Sheeran melodies below for your listening pleasure.


Ed Sheeran: The Shape of You


Ed Sheeran: How Would You Feel (Paean) Live


Rudimental (featuring Ed Sheeran) – Lay It All on Me


Ed Sheeran: Don’t 


Ed Sheeran: T


Ed Sheeran: The A Team