Crazy Sexy

Shawn Hook’s new video turns up the heat


BY: Michael Perris and Viki Caputo

We’re officially hooked on Shawn Hook. The Canadian singer just released his new black and white video for the hauntingly romantic single, “Reminding Me,” which soft-focuses on heartbreak and the toll it takes on a person, namely the handsome Hook. The singer’s sweet voice adds sensuality to the song while his ab-tastic sex appeal oozes in every frame of the video.

The object of his carnal desire is none other than High School Musical graduate, Vanessa Hudgens, who has definitely grown up! The actress/singer never looked or sounded so sexy. Musically speaking, Hudgens has been off the grid since 2008, so this comeback is certainly welcome. And her boho-chic persona in the video, whether fully clothed or rolling around on the sheets in black lingerie, perfectly illustrates how lonely Hook’s life is without this gorgeous woman in it. And that when they were together, it was indeed, HOT HOT HOT!